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March 21, 2005 6:14AM

Happy Benito Juarez's Birthday! Welcome to The Idiot Testament, our humble contribution to the overwhelming wealth of idiocy already present on The Intarweb. Although our contribution may be akin to tossing a lit match into a raging forest fire, it's our match and we're mighty proud of it. I'll even wager that if Benito Juarez spoke English, had internet access, and bore even a passing interest in web-based sequential art, he would have been proud, too.

Since this site is less than a day old and unlikely to have been picked up by any of the major search engines yet, we have no idea how you got here, but we're awful glad you're here. You're just in time to join us for the beginning of our Gala Summer Movie Preview, where we'll be delivering our uniquely bent insights on the wealth of blockbuster-type movies coming down the pipe this summer. We hope you enjoy it. We think you will.

We do hope you'll join us here Monday of each week. There'll be much more to see as we find time in our busy life, work and school schedules to think up compelling content to put up here, and as we figure out how to use the tools we've gathered to weave our dreams into a warm blanket of interlaced idiocy and geekery that you can wrap around yourself and comfortably weather the unforgiving chill of real life.

Again, Welcome to The Idiot Testament. We're glad you're here.


Updates and other assorted effluvium follow:

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Week of March 20, 2005

Links page is up -- Posted by Phil on Friday, March 25 2005, 13:39 PM

We threw the beginning of our links page up. I'm not into just having a bunch of buttons or blurbs on a links page, I kinda feel like you should know why I'm recommending a certain site...so that's what we've done. Have a look, and spread the love to some other very deserving artists.

Character page is up -- Posted by Phil on Thursday, March 24 2005, 14:53 PM

Well, after some fits, we got our character page up. It's in a serviceable mode right now, and like everything else, will probably see lots of revisions before it goes final.

We're continually working on getting the other pages up, so stay tuned.

On the subject of shout-outs... -- Posted by Mike on Wednesday, March 23 2005, 21:39 PM

A heartwarming romantic gesture. Not unlike inscribing the name of one's true love on the electric hand dryer in a public lavatory...

But seeing as how we're getting shout-outs to our sweeties out of the way, and there's still plenty of room on the hand dryer, Happy 4th Anniversary, Miss M.

You are the Zelda to my Link,
And so long as I have heart containers,
And faeries in bottles,
I shall always ride to your rescue.
And so long as you'll have me as your hero,
You shall be my reason to continue.

Sappy, yes? Being a hypocrite means never having to say you're sorry. Such is the abuse of the power of the Internet.

Shouts to my honey -- Posted by Phil on Wednesday, March 23 2005, 13:17 PM

Before I forget, I told my girl that I'd throw a shout out to her from my new digs on the Internet.


Such is the power of the Internet.

Villain in Spidey 3? -- Posted by Phil on Wednesday, March 23 2005, 12:57 PM

So Sony announced that the villain in the next Spidey movie will be played by Thomas Haden Church. I really only know his work from the old sitcom, "Wings." I don't doubt that Sam Raimi can work his magic and make an engaging and entertaining villain, much like he did for Doc Ock. The main question now is, "Who's the villain?" Word on the street is, it's either gonna be Venom, or Man-Wolf. Some say both. Personally, I'd pick Venom, but it already seems evident that the Green Goblin will be making a return visit, clearly foreshadowed in Spidey 2.

Here's my concern: I can understand Sony's trepidation about having the main villain in Spidey 3 being a retread of the villain in Spidey 1. They want a fresh villain, and they wanna sell more toys; I got that. But if Raimi is only interested in making a trilogy (although, if he's willing to make nine of these films, sign me up, I'll watch every single one), then we need to have a resolution to the Harry Osborne story. You can't just build up a conflict between him and Peter for two movies and then just set it aside. Another concern then, is having two villains in the movie. Tim Burton couldn't pull it off in Batman Returns (as Paul Schaefer once said, "I wish Batman would return...my seven bucks!"). Not to mention the complex relationship between Venom, Eddie Brock and Spiderman. Spideyfans know that the emotional trauma that Venom suffers from is going to be tough to convey in less than two hours.

It would still be kick-ass to see a slimy, slithering CG Venom suit though. My fanboy cockles are squealing at just the thought.

Gotta Love Google. -- Posted by Mike on Monday, March 21 2005, 12:49 PM

This moment of Google "Did you mean:" Zen was pointed out to me by a friend a little while ago. I believe the appropriate response would be "LOL".

General update schedule -- Posted by Phil on Monday, March 21 2005, 8:59 AM

Mike and I are pretty busy guys, but we try to work on the strip whenever we can. However, we pledge to get a new strip up every week. We work on the strip throughout the week and get together on Sunday, so expect a new strip every Monday. I can't think of a better way to start the work week than to browse on over and have a yuk (or a yuck, as the case may be).

Other content will be updated periodically, but we'll try to post an updated news item when we do so.

Hey -- Posted by Phil on Monday, March 21 2005, 8:44 AM

As an artist, I would have to say that this is pretty nervewracking. I think any artist will tell you that they are their own toughest critic; this is largely fueled only by the perception that everyone hates your art. Also, since you drew the dang thing, you know where everything is busted, and now everytime you look at it, your eye is drawn towards it. I'd have to say that even though I know that no one will be looking at this page today (except for my mom: Hi Ma! Try to ignore all the cursing!) I feel a little twisty inside, like the butterflies are slamdancing at a NIN concert.

I just hope the page doesn't break.

Things are a little sparse right now, but stick around, and it'll definitely improve. I'm working on fleshing out the characters page, which I think is sorely underappreciated. It's a quick way to get acquainted with the characters without having to read entire backlogs of strips, so why not make it entertaining and informative? Also, I want to flesh out the links page and point you to some awesome work being done on the web that may not be getting as much attention as some other more popular webcomics out there (*cough* PVP, PA, MT *cough*), but are definitely deserving of your attention.

I also want to let you know that we want to have more content on here than just the strip. I'm getting back into the anime/manga scene after a loooong hiatus, and want to keep some of my thoughts/essays/reviews on the site as well. As you can tell, Mike and I have a penchance for prattle.

So hang on, we'll try to make it a fun ride.

Happy Birthday, dear Benito... -- Posted by Mike on Monday, March 21 2005, 7:58 AM

For more information on Benito Juárez, beloved Mexican leader and birthday boy, consult your local library or click here.

Happy 199th, Benito!

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