Intermission - "Room Raiders"

Man, July has just not been our month for staying on schedule. I'd like to tell you that this is the last time it'll happen, and that we'll be rock-steady regular with our weekly postings from here on out, but that would make me a bald-faced liar. Still "whenever we find the time" doesn't make for a very good schedule, and without a deadline, we'd have no rules to break around here; so, for the time being we remain committed to a new comic every Tuesday, regardless of our ability to consistently honor that committment. I guess this is what seperates the true pros from the mere dilletante hobbyists.

Personally, I would have been content to let it slide for yet another week, were it not for the "real world" (no pun intended) analogue to today's comic: namely, our own Jinxie's glorious television debut. If you've ever wanted to see her in live, three dimensional action, now's your golden opportunity. Just tune in to MTV tonight (Wednesday night) at 6:30pm ET/PT, and feast your eyes upon your new idol. Drink in her exotic beauty as she models her favorite cosplay outfits for MTV's leering cameras. Give her your undivided attention as she shares her personal details with you; pretend she is talking only to you, if you like. No one has to know. Gawk with the unrelenting gaze of the voyeur as a complete stranger rifles through her unmentionables in a quest to determine if she is the right girl for him. I'm not at liberty to spoil the outcome of this bizarre contest for you, but I would highly recommend that fans of Jinxie remain tuned in through to the end of the show. Just let us know how it turns out; as sadly, Phil and I don't have cable TV. Alas, earwax.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to discuss today's comic, Jinxie's television debut, the proper method for construction of a Jinxie shrine, or just about anything else in a place where raiding unsuspecting girls' underwear drawers is called "breaking and entering", and it'll get you five years in the pokey: our Forums.


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