San Diego Comic-Con 2006

Greetings from beautiful downtown San Diego!

Well, technically I'm in Escondido, but it's all good compared to the 110-degree daytime high temperatures those poor saps back in Phoenix are suffering through right now. I'd stop to shed a bitter tear for my fellow desert dwellers, but I'm far too busy enjoying a frosty slightly citrus-flavored beverage poolside under a beautiful blue sky in gorgeous 85 degree weather to realistically muster any degree of legitimate concern.

As the headline indicates, I'm out here for our annual trip to the San Diego Comic-Con, a yearly pilgrimage Phil and I have been making since long before our webcomic (or any webcomic for that matter) made its debut on the Intarwubs. Speaking of my erstwhile companion, he and his clan are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, and based on past experience it promises to be a whirlwind five days of comics, pop culture, and waiting in long lines for really, really expensive food. Still, the chance to meet Edward James Olmos, Samuel L. Jackson and John Kricfalusi all in one place is entirely too good a proposition to pass up, far outweighing the risk of meeting Man-Faye, or the three-hundred pound balding man in the spandex-and-cardboard Autobot suit that has been known to stalk the convention halls.

Thanks to the free wi-fi generously provided by our hotel, I don't have to piggyback on an unprotected access point like I did last year to stay in touch with all you beautiful people out there. As such, I'll be posting 'Con updates, pics and possibly a surprise or two throughout the week. Stay tuned, and check back often.

Incidentally, the offer made in the comic is legit - the crafty Lupino went out and bought a silk-screen, and has lovingly hand-crafted a number of t-shirts just like the one featured in Hammy's debut comic. Phil's got pics of the shirts, but I don't know if he'll have Intertron access after today; I'll see if we can get them posted somehow. We'll be handing these beauties out to anyone who recognizes us in the snazzy new comic-accurate shirts that Phil made for us, even if you don't remember Hammy's passphrase; so, if you happen to see a couple of dorks who look vaguely like Mike and Phil and are wearing Mike and Phil's clothes, don't be afraid to stop us to say howdy. We're really not as antisocial as our comic avatars make us seem. At least, Phil isn't, anyway.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to discuss San Diego, the Comic-Con, our new t-shirts, or just about anything else in a place where using an effective deodorant/anti-perspirant isn't just recommended, it's the LAW: our Forums.


Updates and other assorted effluvium follow:

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Week of July 16, 2006

Day 2 - Friday -- Posted by Mike on Friday, July 21 2006, 19:55 PM

Nothing happened today.

Well, okay - lots of stuff happened, but I wasn't there for any of it.

You see, I'm still in school right now - taking two online classes - and today was the deadline for a major assignment in one class and the day of the midterm test in the other. I had hoped to get these done over the week before the 'con started, but after the events of each day and a daily homework assignment to work through it just didn't work out that way.

Sometimes winning at school means you have to lose at other things. Today, I lost out on the Snakes on a Plane panel (No Sam Jackson for me! *snif*), a couple of autographs I wanted to get, but most importantly, I missed out on the Webcomics 102 panel that I promised to be at. Boy I sure hope no one was there looking for me. If you were, you have my sincerest apologies and my solemn vow that I will be at the Webcomics 103 panel tomorrow at 6pm in room 3, and both Phil and I will likely be at the Masquerade Party under the sails tomorrow night, so all is not lost.

My homework's done for the week, and I'm ready for a hell of a weekend. Hopefully, the next two days of the 'con will be more eventful than the first, and I'll have the photos to prove it.

P.S. Did I mention that the Red vs. Blue guys are here? Oh yeah, I'll be meeting them tomorrow, that's for damn certain.


Day 1 - Thursday -- Posted by Mike on Friday, July 21 2006, 0:38 AM

Good news in San Diego today. First and foremost, Phil's okay and here in town; turns out he doesn't answer his dopey cell phone anymore - he's upgraded to a fancy shmancy Blackberry, complete with a goony Bluetooth headset that he wears everywhere he goes to make it look like he gets calls so frequently and of such importance that they couldn't wait for him to take his phone out of his pocket and answer it normally. I know this because that's exactly what I'd do if I had a fancy shmancy Blackberry and a goony Bluetooth headset, too.

Second, Phil brought the shirts, and as promised, they're magnificent. Here's that pic I promised:

Phil may or may not be at the 'con tomorrow, but I'll be there representin' in full Mike regalia (the Mike "joystick logo" shirts came out lookin' pretty sharp, too). If you want a place where you can definitely catch me, keep an eye out at the webcomics panels, specifically the Webcomics 102 panel from 4:30-5:30pm in room 1B. I'll be in the audience with the rest of the n0bs, seated at the feet of the masters and listening to True Life Stories of the Webcomics Royalty. Stop by and say hi, and I'll give you the shirt off my back. Well, not literally off my back - that one's already marked with my scent, and if Phil found you wearing it, he'd immediately pick up on it and be forced to countermark you. Just trust me when I tell you that you don't want that. No, to avoid that embarrassing situation, the one you receive will be clean, springtime fresh and perhaps slightly warm from being inside my bag - if you close your eyes, you can pretend it was just pulled fresh from the dryer. And as we all know, there's simply no better time to put on a shirt than when it's been pulled fresh from the dryer. It's a scientific fact.


Day 0 - Preview Night -- Posted by Mike on Thursday, July 20 2006, 3:41 AM

Preview Night has come and gone, and Der Philistine's cell phone isn't responding. Sure hope he's okay.

In lighter news, I finally picked up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS at the Capcom booth; and it even came with a swell limited edition Phoenix Wright "OBJECTION!" DS Stylus, which is apparently a pretty rare item here in the states. A winner is me.

I also met Charles Martinet (more commonly known as the voice of Mario) at the Nintendo booth. He seems like a really nice guy, and he had no problem letting loose with a few classic lines in character to confirm his identity. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, my three-year old was unconvinced, and only stared quizzically at this strange man who spoke with the voice of his favorite dance partner from Mario Mix. Oh well. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture with him. Maybe tomorrow.

In closing, to the guys at work who have been watching the AGEIA PhysX Cell Factor tech demo with me, and staring slack-jawed at its over-the-top physics-based deathmatch and promise of Tetsuo Shima style psychic destruction, two things: One, it's not just a tech demo anymore, there's a playable beta version available on the website (too bad you have to have a PhysX card to play it); and (more importantly) two, I've played it, and it's fecking magnificent. You start out with weak psychic powers, but through the acquisition of a psychic boost powerup (in the form of a huge syringe that you jam into your heart) before you know it, you're hurling crap around the arena and smothering your enemies in piles of debris. I never got to see that powerup where you gather the debris into a tiny gravity ball and detonate it, but I'll be back at the booth tomorrow - I'm in a drawing for one of those PhysX cards, and I have to be present to win. Cross your fingers and wish me luck, suckaz.


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